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Hi Shimmin Beg, welcome to the Manx Wikipedia! It seems you have recently started editing. As you have the project almost for yourself, you can build it up the way you like. However, if you need help feel free to ask me. I have been involved in building up and nurturing several small Wikipedias; maybe may experience can be useful. Anyway, good luck and keep having fun! Steinbach 10:09, 18 December 2007 (UTC)

Translation requestEdit

The translation request
Hi! Could I ask you to translate the article which you can find below into Manx? Please help me to show our language to the world – the article is quite short and has been selected from English and Silesian article and shortened as possible to contain only the basic informations. If you would finish, please, make me know on my Silesian or Polish discussion. Thanks in advance.
PS. If you want me to translate any article into Polish or Silesian, contact me without hesistation.
So, here’s the text to translation:

The Silesian language (Silesian: ślůnsko godka, ślůnski, sometimes also pů našymu) is a language spoken by people in the Upper Silesia region in Poland, but also in Czech Republic and Germany. In 2002 about 56 000 declared Silesian as their native language, but the number of speakers is estimated on 1 250 000.

Silesian is closely related to Polish language, that’s why it is considered as a dialect of Polish by some linguistics.


There’s not one Silesian alphabet. The Silesian speakers are used to write their language with the Polish characters. In 2007 was invented the new Silesian alphabet, based on all of the Silesian scripts (there’s 10 of them). It is widely used on the Internet, as well as in the Silesian Wikipedia.

Aa Bb Cc Ćć Čč Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Ńń Oo Pp Rr Řř Ss Śś Šš Tt Uu Ůů Ww Yy Zz Źź Žž

And some digraphs: Ch Dz Dź Dž.

External linksEdit

Thank you once again, Timpul 16:25, 13 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

MacTire02 has already done this, gura mie ayd ghooinney. -- Shimmin Beg 09:34, 14 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)


Hi Shimmin, My temporary sysop access has been withdrawn as per the three month guideline. I would like to go for another period as administrator for the wiki to make sure vandals are kept at bay, and for general maintenace of the project. We do however need a vote on this so if you could go to the Administrator talk page and leave your vote (support or do not support) that would be great. Also, if you would like to take up the reins, then just add a new section and we can vote on that too. Cheers, --MacTire02 09:39, 14 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

Hi Mac, thanks for letting me know. I've left a vote. At the moment I can't predict my availability, so taking on an admin role might not be fair. However, I'll do my best to help out with things. -- Shimmin Beg 13:47, 14 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for the vote Shimmin. I've been allocated temporary admin status again. Regards, --MacTire02 13:55, 14 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)


  • The Silesian language isn't officialy regulated, there's nothing like Silesian Language Council. The Silesian alphabet is promoted mainly by the Pu nasymu website. Because of its logical structure it was chosen to be used on our Silesian Wikipedia. The alphabet itself was created by users of Pro Loquela Silesiana forum (Organisation Promoting the Silesian Language).
  • In the raport from Polish 2002 Census (here) they wrote only that some people claim to use some speeches which are rather closer to the definition of a dialect :/ But If you need resources to the 56 000 of Silesian declarated speakers, the number appears here, here and on the Polish Wikipedia.
  • Not known. Some people do not even know that they are speaking Silesian and not Polish. Some organizations claim that he results of 2002 census have been changed not to show the "silesian language" (a lot of Poles name it as a dialect or even gwara, which is something smaller than dialect (there's no English equivalent I think). I can't find any resources on the estimated number of speakers.

Timpul 09:58, 14 Jerrey Souree 2008 (UTC)

Phonetics in language articlesEdit

Er ny scughey dys Wikipedia:Termeeaght -- Shimmin Beg 13:43, 16 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Cha nel mee marrooEdit

agh cha nel yn eddyr-voggyl aym ec y traa t'ayn, myr shen, cha noddym artyn y screeu. S'treisht lhiam bee eh aym reesht dy leah. -- Shimmin Beg 08:21, 19 Mean Fouyir 2008 (UTC)

Erash! Ghow-shiu yn art beg shoh myr failt. Shimmin Beg 22:04, 4 Jerrey Fouyir 2008 (UTC)
Failt er-ash, Himmin! --MacTire02 16:47, 5 Jerrey Fouyir 2008 (UTC)


Himmin, ta'n traa aym myr reireyder ny Wikipedia creaghnit nish. Dy boirragh, cha nel shin abyl agh un reireyder y reih, as eh ny reireyder shallidagh (er feie tree meeghyn). My vel sym ayds 'syn ynnyd, cur dt'ennym 'syn ynnyd kiart er Ynnyd y phobble. Mannagh vel sym ayd, cur fys orrym, dy beagh orrym m'ennym hene y chur ayn. --MacTire02 11:39, 16 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Wahll, ta obbyr mie ass towse jeant ayd hene derrey nish. Nee'm eh my by vie lhiat goaill fea, agh failt ort farraghtyn jannoo eh. -- Shimmin Beg 20:31, 16 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)
Mie ayd, Himmin. Ta mee er chur m'ennym reesht er y ghuillag yeearree. --MacTire02 08:48, 17 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Earrooyn ayns BetawikiEdit

Himmin, ta mee er çheet er ram crampysyn lesh ny h-earrooyn. Ta mee er chur yn 'eysht ayd er dty ghuillag resoonaght er Betawiki ayns shoh. --MacTire02 09:40, 17 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)

Ta freggyrt ayn nish. S'treisht lhiam dy gooin eh. -- Shimmin Beg 13:06, 17 Jerrey Geuree 2009 (UTC)


  The Working Man's Barnstar

Ta mee credjal dy vel obbyr mie jeant ayd lesh ny clowanyn noa. Ta mee bronney yn Working Man's Barnstar ort. T'eh ny aundyr ta currit gys sleih ta jannoo sheer-obbyr as obbyr dree, as nagh vel boirey er y vooise :)

(The Working Man's Barnstar may be awarded to those who work tirelessly and endlessly on the more laborious or repetitive of Wikipedia tasks. :)

--MacTire02 09:09, 16 Toshiaght Arree 2009 (UTC)

Feysht fo termeeaght ec ynnyd y phobbleEdit

Himmin, ta me er chur feysht ayns shoh fo enmyn buill lheid as yn Affrick. By vie lhiam dty huarym fo shen, my sailliu. Cha nel fys aym cre ry yannoo fo. Gura mie ayd, ghooiney! --MacTire02 21:04, 4 Averil 2009 (UTC)


FYI: I've answered your question here. Regards, Wutsje 18:38, 11 Mean Souree 2009 (UTC)

Done, repaired. I hope that the gv.wikipedia community can excuse me for this error. Best wishes helping your community growing up. Dferg 22:03, 19 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)


Diolch am dy gynnig ar cy:, Shimmin Beg. Mae'n edrych yn ardderchog! Croeso i ti ychwanegu nhw i'r erthyglau ar y Wicipedia Cymraeg (gweler hefyd: cy:Treiglad meddal, cy:Treiglad llaes, cy:Treiglad trwynol). Cofion, Anatiomaros 20:14, 21 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)

Crampyssyn lesh yn eddyr-voggylEdit

Kys t'ou Himmin? Gow my leshtal er coontys nagh row mee ayns shoh er feie tammylt. Va crampyssyn lesh yn eddyr-voggyl aym, agh ta mee reesht er ash. Ta mee er fakin nagh vel reireyder ayn ain nish. My vel oo laccal gow lesh y "job" shen, neeym shassoo lhiat. Cur chaghteraght dou mannagh vel oo laccal yn obbyr shen, as neeym yeearreydys reesht. --MacTire02 12:22, 28 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)

Ta mee arryltagh shen y yannoo - ta ram obbyr jeant ayd as ta mee ayns shoh mennick dy liooar. Er lhiam nagh nod y jees ain ve nyn reireyderyn? -- Shimmin Beg 12:54, 28 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)
Veagh eh feer vie y jees ain ve nyn reireyderyn, agh dy meeaighar, er coontys nagh vel agh y jees ain cur lesh y chicklipaid shoh, cha nel ny "powers that be" lhiggey dooin agh reireyder ynrican shallidagh y phointeil. Cre er lhiat? Mish y ve ny reireyder, ny uss? --MacTire02 12:59, 28 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)
Nee'm eh dy shickyr, mannagh vel uss son tannaghtyn dty reireyder. S'bastagh eh nagh ny smoo sleih ayn. -- Shimmin Beg 13:17, 28 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)
Waihll cha row mee agh cur y caa dhyt. Foddee dy velmayd jargal uss y chur dty reireyder er feie shey meeghyn, as mish y chur ayn lurg shen er feie shey meeghyn reesht. Ta staydys reireyder er-laccal ain nish, agh cha nel agh ynnyd shallidagh ain. --MacTire02 13:24, 28 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)
Shen eie mie. Er lhiam dy vel y jees ain geabbey ve ro-chooyrtoil rish y cheilley, vel daa 'er ec dorrys lhiggey da'n cheilley goll ny hrooid 'sy chied ynnyd. Myr shen, verrym my hene roish y cheayrt shoh. -- Shimmin Beg 13:30, 28 Jerrey Souree 2009 (UTC)


As an Administrator, you are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia and ask for an invite.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at betawiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

Thank you

Best regards, --eean (:> )=| 15:11, 16 Luanistyn 2009 (UTC)

Bot flag for FoxBotEdit

Hi Shimmin Beg

I'd love to have a bot flag for user:FoxBot. Maybe this link will help you Special:UserRights/FoxBot. Thanks in advance. - Foxie001 17:00, 16 Luanistyn 2009 (UTC)

Okay, it seems you need a bureaucrat, not just an admin. I don't have permission to give bot status. As there's no bureaucrat here, you're best off asking on Meta. Sorry. We do have autoconfirm but I'm not sure exactly how it works - I was hoping it would kick in for you, but apparently not so far. -- Shimmin Beg 19:12, 16 Luanistyn 2009 (UTC)

Darang and GemanEdit

您好,我的观点是使用他们的native name,所以 Taraon, Kaman (在English中找到的) 比 Darang, Geman 好。同时,尽量不要使用Mishmi这样的名字,因为Mishmi有“不开化”的意思。They call themselves Dengpa (Deng people), so I think the best name is Deng Taraon and Deng Kaman. ——虞海 13:38, 12 Mean Fouyir 2009 (UTC)

(对不起, 我中文写的不好)
您好,我今天就猛醒 Wikipedia:Laue-lioar aght screeu 没有语言的段落。Wikipedia:Laue-lioar aght screeu的命名惯例遵照,地区页面,国家页面有关,都使用曼島語的名称。语言页面就是使用曼島語。 We try to use the Manx (曼島語) name for the article for every region, country or language, because this is the Manx Wikipedia. At the moment there is no official Manx name for these languages, so we have to use names from a reference work. The names are taken from Ethnologue, which is the main reference source for languages. I agree that Mishmi 不是客气的,但是没有 source for another name. So all we can do is add other names to the page as well (所以 you can see Digaro-Mishmish has Taraon as one of the native names). I hope this explanation is okay. -- Shimmin Beg 15:26, 12 Mean Fouyir 2009 (UTC)


Bee'm ersooyl rish shiaghtin as cha bee yn eddyr-voggyl aym, er lhiam. S'treisht lhiam nagh bee doilleeid erbee. -- Shimmin Beg 22:01, 13 Mean Fouyir 2009 (UTC)

Staysys reireyderEdit

T'eh er credjal aym dy vel staydys reireyder ayd foast. Vel eh shen kiart? Ayns aarlagh rish jerrey yn staydys ayd ta mee er chur resoonaght noa mychione staydys reireyder aym veih Mee Houney ny bleeaney shoh er y duillag shoh. My vel oo ayns coardailys rish shen, ceau dty vote! :) --MacTire02 08:05, 23 Jerrey Fouyir 2009 (UTC)


Hello. Could you translate some words into Manx to help with localization of your Wikipedia?

  • Robot - Bot (plural Botyn)
  • Adding - Cur stiagh
  • Modifying - Caghlaa
  • Removing - Scryssey magh

Thank you! Hugo.arg 12:30, 7 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)

I've added the translations, though of course the best translation will depend on the context. -- Shimmin Beg 13:02, 7 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
Thank you for quick response. These words will be used in bot comments like
00:37, 25 Boaldyn 2009 TXiKiBoT (Resoonaght | cohortyssyn) m (2,840 byte) (robot Adding: fy:Charles Dickens) (rassey) 
so, I think it's enough just simply translation literally. Hugo.arg 13:13, 7 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
That seems fine. Thanks. -- Shimmin Beg 13:15, 7 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)
Be careful of syntax too though! By right it should read something like the below script, (if that's possible with wikipedia)
00:37, 25 Boaldyn 2009 TXiKiBoT (Resoonaght | cohortyssyn) m (2,048 byte) (Currit stiagh liorish bot: fy:Charles Dickens) (rassey)
--MacTire02 22:50, 7 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)

Admin accessEdit


As your temporary administrator access has expired, I've removed it. Please feel free to post another announcement to the community here if you wish to have another period as a temporary administrator - or if the community has grown, as a permanent admin. Thanks. Mike.lifeguard | @meta 03:46, 19 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)

17 messages left to doEdit

Hoi, I noticed that you did some localisation work for the Manx language.. There are currently 17 messages left to do for the "most used" messages. These are the messages our readers and editors are most likely to notice..

You will be happy to know that the WMF updates its localisations on a daily basis. It means that everyone benefits from your work really quickly. Thanks, GerardM 10:46, 28 Mee Houney 2009 (UTC)

Buill-enmyn ayns ny Steatyn Unnaneysit, a.r.e.Edit

By vie lhiam art dy chur er bun mychione Orange County ayns Steat York Noa, agh cha nel mee shickyr mychione aght y voayl-ennym. Vel "Coontae Orange, York Noa" ny "Orange County, York Noa" yn enmys kiart ain er lhiat? --MacTire02 15:55, 28 Toshiaght Arree 2010 (UTC)

Choud's ta fys aym, she ennym cair t'ayn gyn cummey 'sy Ghaelg. Myr shen, yiarrin nagh lhisagh shin eshyn y chaglaa, as jannoo ymmyd jeh'n ennym 'sy çhengey dooghyssagh. Screeu shin "Sir Ddinbych" as e lheid bentyn rish Bretyn. Myr shen, reihin "Orange County, York Noa". T'eh jeeaghyn dou dy vel ny h-Americaanee cliaghtey goaill stiagh "County" 'syn ennym, gollrish "-shire" ayns Sostyn. Agh cha nel eh agh my varel hene.-- Shimmin Beg 19:29, 28 Toshiaght Arree 2010 (UTC)
T'eh shen my varel hene myrgeddin. Chur mee yn art mychione Middletown ayns York Noa roish hie mee ayn. Ta caarjyn aym ayns shen, as jei y turrys v'aym haink eh orrym nagh row Coontae Orange kiart as dy beagh eh ny share eh dy chyndaa dys Orange County, myr dooyrt uss. T'eh caghlaait aym nish. Gura mie ayd ghooinney. --MacTire02 21:18, 28 Toshiaght Arree 2010 (UTC)

most used messages and messages for mobile phonesEdit

Hoi, together there are really few messages left to support all the "most used" and the Wikimedia mobile messages.. The first is what most readers and editors see, the second is part of making your language ready for use on a mobile phone... Would you be so kind and do this with some priority ? Thanks, GerardM 17:39, 2 Mart 2010 (UTC)

Baljyn, baljyn beggey, caayryn, ard-valjyn, a.r.e.Edit

Himmin, ta feysht aym mychione ny t'er y chione linney jeh'n chooish shoh. Dooyrt mee keayrt dy beagh eh share ronnaghyn dy chroo ayns cosoylaght rish y lhieggan Baarle, as chyndaa dy yannoo orroo. As, ec y traa t'ayn, ta shen jannoo eh shen. Faagail magh baljyn. Ta buill chummaltit rang-oardit 'sy lhieggan Baarle myr shoh (cha nel ayns oardagh):

villages, towns, cities, municipalities, settlements

By vie lhiam nish y red cheddin y yannoo ayns shoh. Ta fockle ain son "village" (balley beg), "town" (balley), as "municipality" (baljaght). Agh cre mychione "city"? Ta daa lhieggan jeh'n fockle shen - ard-valley as caayr. Ta fys aym dy vel ard-valley ayn hannah ayns lhiegganyn lheid as "Ard-valley yn Logh Sailjey" as "Ard-valley yn Phaab". Agh rere Tshwane, t'eh cur sheese er "acropolis", "capital", "city" - ny smoo na caayr. Ta'n fockle shen jannoo cur sheese er "city", "dwelling place". As ta'n fockle shen cosoylagh rish y Yernish as y Ghaelg Albinagh - cathair. Ta mee credjal dy vel "ard-valley" cheet er boayl ennagh raad dy vel reiltys ayn, gyn baght dy ghoaill er mooadys y voayl. Agh dy mennick, raad ta'n reiltys ta'n balley shen ny valley mooar - i.e. "city". Agh foddee "caayr" cheet er "city" 'sy Vaarle gyn y cheeal "capital", "prime", a.r.e. ("ard" sy Ghaelg). As, myrane lesh shen, ta'n fockle "settlement" ry-akin 'sy lhieggan Baarle, agh t'eh chyndaait myr "balley beg" ayns fockleyr Tshwane. Ta mee hene lhaih yn fockle, cha nel myr boayl beg er y cheer raad ta deiney cummal, agh er boayl ennagh raad ta deiney cummal. So, lesh shen, ta me credjal dy beagh "boayl cummaltit" y fockle share da "settlement". Cre er lhiat? Va mee hene credjal er y rolley shoh:

baljyn beggey, baljyn, caayryn, baljaghtyn, buill chummaltit

Cre er lhiat? --MacTire02 09:04, 2 Boaldyn 2010 (UTC)

Shen feysht mie. By ny sassey eh mannagh row feme ain reddyn y rang-oardraghey dy jeeragh, myr ta sleih cliaghtey... agh shen myr t'eh :) Er lhiam dy vel y cheeall elley ec "Balley bag", myr screeu uss (shenn cheeall Vaarle yn 'ockle "settlement", er lhiam); foddee boayl cummaltagh? ("residential place")?
Bentyn rish "city", ta caayryn mie dy liooar dous er son y ronney, as ta'n keeall "urban" eck hannah. Foddee dy beagh ard-valley cur er sleih ve fud y cheilley. Y red amlagh - nagh daink caayr ass caair bentyn rish ynnyd veaghee reeaghyn, as myr shen, boayl reiragh? T'ad jeeaghyn dy ve yn un 'ockle 'sy Yernish. Agh t'eh jeeaghyn nagh vel y cheeall shen eh echey jiu. S'quaagh ee bun-ocklaght. -- Shimmin Beg 06:32, 3 Boaldyn 2010 (UTC)
Gura mie ayd, ghooinney. Mannagh vel oo noi'n eie, nee'm croo ny ronnaghyn shoh:
Category:Villages in xxx -> Ronney:Baljyn beggey ayns xxx
Category:Towns in xxx -> Ronney:Baljyn ayns xxx
Category:Cities in xxx -> Ronney:Caayryn ayns xxx
Category:Settlements in xxx -> Ronney:Buill chummaltagh ayns xxx
Vel shen mie dy liooar ayd? --MacTire02 17:30, 4 Boaldyn 2010 (UTC)
Dy jarroo! -- Shimmin Beg 17:41, 4 Boaldyn 2010 (UTC)


Hi. I'm not sure I understand why that should be done. That may lead a person to an incorrect idea of the word's pronunciation. For example, the letter ð in Faroese usually is silent. Modern Faroese has no 'th' sound, so for me to transliterate ð as th wouldn't make any sense. If ever I run into a problem having to enter a letter of another language's alphabet that I don't have set up on my keyboard I just paste and copy it. I was just looking at the article Fuglafjørður, which was created by MacTire02 before I became involved with Manx Wikipedia. There is no redirection that I can find. Jhendin 21:05, 13 Boaldyn 2010 (UTC)

No problem. I was thinking as well that a lot of people wouldn't even know to write dh or th when they see the letter ð. I think the English Wikipedia has it set up so that a person can insert the letter d, which would be my first instinct, when looking for an article on an Icelandic or Faroese city. That might be a direction the Manx Wikipedia could work towards. Perhaps the same thing could be applied to ç. For someone who isn't familiar with Manx orthography they might try to insert the letter s, since it represents that sound in other languages. See: I don't know how much input I can have in all of this. I know that Manx is a member of the Goidelic branch, and that's about it. Jhendin 09:55, 14 Boaldyn 2010 (UTC)

Hi Shimmin, sorry I don't speak Manx!Edit

Hello, my name is Claudi Balaguer (User Capsot of the Catalan Wikipedia and Occitan Wikiccionari) I'm current running a campaign on the diverse Wikipedia so people can give their support to the creation of a Catalan Chapter (some kind of intermediate superstructure between the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikipedia) led by the Association "Amics de la Viquipèdia" which hasn't been accepted yet because Catalan is not a state language. I think you might feel concerned that stateless or minorized language can't currently obtain a Chapter even though they're well organized and work hard on diverse projects so maybe you could give us your support pasting Wikimedia CAT and signing at the link indicating for instance (Manx Wikipedian) or something alike which will also help make visible your Wikipedia. I wish you a nice, pleasant and sunny weather and hope your Wikipedia will have a wonderful growth. If you ever need something from me, just let me know, I'll be glad to help you the best I can, see you Capsot 16:11, 20 Mean Souree 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for your support, have a nice day, just let me know if you ever need a hand or anything. Take care! Capsot 07:24, 21 Mean Souree 2010 (UTC)
Hi, I hope you're doing fine, thanks once more for your support. I've made some kind of summary of the campaign on my userpage and I'll try to update it from time to time. Again all the best for you, your language and your Wikipedia. See you! Capsot 08:04, 30 Jerrey Souree 2010 (UTC)


Bee'm ersooyl rish mysh jeih laghyn ayns Bretyn feie (wahll, ayns thie gyn eddyr-voggyl), ayns caa dy vel oo shirrey orrym freggyrt ny red ennagh. -- Shimmin Beg 22:04, 6 Luanistyn 2010 (UTC)

Gow soylley jeh ny laaghyn seyrey ayd, Himmin. --MacTire02 12:15, 7 Luanistyn 2010 (UTC)

Feysht er my ghuillag resoonaghtEdit

Himmin, ta ymmydeyr Cbrown1023 er chur chaghteraght hym er my ghuillag resoonaght mychione enmyn Gaelg dy chur er "Wiktionary" as "the free dictionary". Ta fys aym dy beagh y nah abbyrt jeh'n daa chyndaait myr "y fockleyr seyr", agh cre mychione y chied? Lhisagh eh y ve chyndaait myr "Wiki-ockleyr" ny "Wikiockleyr", ny lhisagh eh y faagail myr t'ayn myr ennym kiart, ny "Wiktionary" y Vaarle? Cre er lhiat? --MacTire02 20:23, 25 Luanistyn 2010 (UTC)

Shimmin nameEdit

G'day, Just a quick question: is the name "Shimmin" written the same in Manx? My dad's Manx, but I never got around to learning the language... Cheers in advance! 23:36, 12 Mean Fouyir 2010 (UTC)

I'm a little bit confused by your question, I'm afraid. It's a Manx name, so the spelling is intrinsically a Manx spelling. I don't know of any names that have different Manx and English spellings; you get different names instead, either as your official name, or used instead of your official name when speaking Manx. So you might be called Çhalse, Breeshey and Paaie instead of Charles, Bridget and Peggy, for example. Some people use alternative versions of surnames as well (Brian Stowell is sometimes known as Brian Mac Stoyll). Because the two writing systems are so similar, unless there's a noticeable difference in the name (i.e. making a distinctively Manx name) then there's only one spelling. It's not really like the case in the other Gaelic languages where specific spelling rules apply. -- Shimmin Beg 07:36, 13 Mean Fouyir 2010 (UTC)
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