New pages reagh

First, I want to say congrats. You seem to be getting the hang of this. I like how you are being bold and going ahead and editing/adding to your topic of articles. Keep it up.

Secondly, just an FYI for new pages. You may notice that when you have created a new page that the infobox seems quite empty. This is because, thus far, you have simply been creating a page but leaving it at that. In order for the infobox to populate, it must be linked to the relevant wikidata entry. There are two ways of doing this: first, you can go to the wikidata page, search for, and find, the relevant page, and at the bottom of that entry you will see links to that entry on other wikipedias. You can simply add the GV page there; or, on the left hand side of the page you can see a tab which reads "Çhengaghyn". Under that tab you will see an "Add links" link. When you click on this a dialogue box opens up. On the top section you can search by language (all your articles will be in English, so search for enwiki) and on the bottom section simply type in the title of your article as it appears in the English wikipedia. You will be asked to confirm your selection (by comparison with all available wikipedia languages) followed by a final dialogue box which prompts you to close out and reload the page. Once you do this the page will be connected to wikidata and the infobox will populate automatically. Give it a try on your next article.

Happy editing! Mac Tíre Cowag 20:12, 17 Luanistyn 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Numbers reagh

Just a quick FYI regarding numbers. You might be wondering why some numbers have minnidyn or millioonyn after them and others have vinnid or villioon. If a number ends in 1 or 2, then Manx mutates the initial consonant in the nominative minnid and millioon to become vinnid and villioon. These also remain in the singular as this is a remnant of the old dual genitive. All other numbers do not mutate the initial consonant and, because this mutation is lacking (unlike other Gaelic languages) the nominative plural post-positional suffix (-yn) is required. Manx reads numbers differently to English. Translated, 123 reads as 3 and six twenties, or 2 and one hundred and twenty. E.g. 122 vinnid is read as daa vinnid as shey feed, or two minutes and six twenties. The daa lenites (mutates) the initial letter of the noun it is qualifying. So, 122 vinnid, but 123 minnidyn; 321 villioon, but 324 millioonyn. I hope this makes sense. Mac Tíre Cowag 21:42, 19 Luanistyn 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]