Ta'n coontys ymmydeyr shoh ny robot. T'eh lesh Alison (resooney).

Cha nel eh ny sock puppet, agh coontys seyr-obbragh (ny lieh-heyr-obbragh) ta ymmydit dys caghlaaghyn çhymshallagh y yannoo.
Reireyderyn: my vel y robot shoh meenaghey ny jannoo jeeyl, cur lhiettalys er, my sailt. Agh cooinnee dy vel y robot ersooyl veih'n toolserver.


This bot runs using pywikipedia framework. It's currently running on a Mac but may move to the Toolserver at some point. It is used for repairing broken redirects, double redirects and for automatically welcoming new editors. It's currently under trial here, but is also running on the following wikis:

It is also running on the following wikis: