Hi anonymous user, welcome on Wikipedia ;-)! I was checking this Wikipedia on vandalism when I came across your edits. How nice to see that there's someone at last who edits and enhances this Wikipedia, it has been (almost) empty for far too long! I encourage that you create an account (if you're new on Wikipedia altopgether: see the link right on top) and that you subsequently create a user page in which you state whether you are a Manx and what your command of the language is (i.e. are you a near-native speaker? Have you started out learning it some time ago? Or are you an Irish or Scottish Gaelic speaker who is interested in Manx as well?). If you're indeed a Manx, please tell other language enthousiasts on your island about Wikipedia and try to get them into the project as well.
But anyway, good luck with your editing! Steinbach 10:58, 30 September 2006 (UTC)

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