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Not sure why the international spelling isn't used here. Few Manx are going to discuss science with one another...

First of all Manx has an established precedent for the naming of chemical elements, basing it on an Irish language pronunciation. The Irish language translation is Únúnoictiam. The ú sound in Manx is represented by a double o (oo). Secondly, just because Manx isn't used by many people, and those who do use it would not readily have a conversation on the chemical elements, does not mean that they should be deprived of a Manx name for scientific terms. And thirdly, there is no such thing as the international spelling. The word is Latin and although it is used by several languages there are many that don't use it such as Turkish (Ununoktiyum), Ukrainian (Унуноктій), Serbian (Унуноктијум), Finnish (Ununoktium), Portuguese (Ununóctio), Romanian (Ununoctiu), Slovenian (Ununoktij), Serbo-croat (Ununoktijum), Croatian (Ununoktij), Galician (Ununoctio), Russian (Унуноктий), Asturian (Ununoctiu), Basque (Ununoktio), Italian (Ununoctio), Indonesian (Ununoktium), Catalan (Ununocti), Sicilian (Ununoctiu), Spanish (Ununoctio), Corsican (Ununoctiu), Bosnian (Ununoktijum), Esperanto (Ununoktio), and Irish (Únúnoictiam). MacTire02 20:31, 28 March 2008 (UTC)
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