Julia Stiles

Ta Julia O'Hara Stiles ny ben-chloieder fillym as ardan Americaanagh. Rug ee ayns Caayr York Noa, ny Steatyn Unnaneysit er 28 Mart, 1981.

Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles by David Shankbone.jpg
Julia Stiles, Averil 2007
Ruggit Julia O'Hara Stiles
28 Mart 1981 (1981-03-28) (41 bleeaney d'eash)
Caayr York Noa, SUA
Ashoonaght Americaanagh
Keird Aghteyr
Bleeantyn obbree 1993-jiu
Sheshey Preston J. Cook ​(p. 2017)
Paitçhyn 2

Rolley scannaneynEdit

Blein Ennym Paart Noteyn
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1997 The Devil's Own Bridget O'Meara
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2000 Down to You Imogen
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O Desi Brable
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2002 The Bourne Identity Nicolette 'Nicky' Parsons
2003 A Guy Thing Becky
Mona Lisa Smile Joan Brandwyn
Carolina Carolina jeeragh-gys-rybban
2004 The Prince and Me Paige Morgan
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2005 Edmond Glenna skeaylley teorit
A Little Trip to Heaven Isold
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2007 Raving (Screeuder & Stiureyder)
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2008 Gospel Hill Rosie heear-yeeillaght
The Bell Jar Esther Greenwood roie-yeeillaght
2009 Cry of the Owl Jenny heear-yeeillaght

Kiangley çheumooieEdit

She bun ta'n art shoh. Cur rish, son foays y yannoo da Wikipedia.