Heath Ledger

Va Heath Andrew Ledger (4 Averil, 1979 - 22 Mee ny Nollick, 2008) ny chloieder fillym Austrailagh. Va enney share er er son e paartyn ayns ny scannaneyn The Patriot, Monster's Ball as Brokeback Mountain. Hooar eh baase ayns Manhattan, York Noa er 22 Jerrey Geuree, 2008

Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger.jpg
Heath Ledger
Ruggit 4 Averil, 1979
Perth, yn Austrail Heear, yn Austrail
Hooar baase 22 Jerrey Geuree, 2008
Manhattan, York Noa
Ashoonaght Flag of Australia.svg Austrailagh


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