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Ta '''Dene Suline''' ('''Dëne Sųłiné''', '''Dene Sųłiné''', '''Chipewyan''', '''Dene Suliné''', '''Dëne Suliné''', '''Dene Soun’liné''' as '''Dene''' myrgeddin) ny çhengey ta loayrit ec y chlein [[Chipewyan]] jeh'n [[Yn Chanadey|Chanadey]] veanagh. T'ee ny [[Çhengaghyn Athabaskagh|çhengey Athabaskagh]], as rere shen t'ee ny çhengey mooinjerey da'n [[çhengey Navajo (çhengey)|Navajo]]. Ta ny smoo na 11,000 loayredeyryn 'sy Chanadey, yn chooid smoo ayns [[Saskatchewan]], [[Alberta]] as [[Thallooyn yn Eear Hwoaie]],<ref name="census"/> agh cha nel stayd oikoil eck ayns Thallooyn yn Eear Hwoaie lesh 8 çhengaghyn bun-dooghyssagh elley: [[Cree (çhengey)|Cree]], [[Gwich’in (çhengey)|Gwich’in]], [[Inuinnaqtun]], [[Inuktitut]], [[Inuvialuktun]], [[Slavey my Hwoaie]], [[Slavey my Yiass]] as [[Dogrib (çhengey)|Tłįchǫ]].<ref name="lang">[ Aght son Çhengaghyn Oikoil Thallooyn yn Eear Hwoaie, 1988] (lhiasit 1988, 1991-1992, 2003)</ref>
== Sheeanyn ==
=== Corocklyn ===
Ta 39 corocklyn ayns Dene Suline:
{| class="wikitable"
! rowspan="2" colspan="2" | &nbsp;
! rowspan="2" | [[Corockle daa-veillagh|Daa-veillagh]]
! rowspan="2" | [[Corockle eddyr-eeacklagh|Eddyr-<br />eeacklagh]]
! colspan="2" | [[Corockle feeacklagh|Feeacklagh]]
! rowspan="2" | [[Corockle lurg-chooyleeacklagh|Lurg-<br />chooyleeacklagh]]
! colspan="2" | [[Corockle coghooysagh|Coghooysagh]] / [[Corockle scoarnagh|Scoarnagh]]
! rowspan="2" | [[Corockle sluggidagh|Sluggidagh]]
Ta ny screebee "coghooysagh" ny [[corockle keeagh ny scoarnagh|corocklyn keeagh ny scoarnagh]].
=== Breeocklyn ===
=== Toan ===
Ta daa hoan ayns Dene Suline:
* ard
* injil
== Imraaghyn ==
== Kianglaghyn çheumooie ==
* [ Dene Suline] ec [[Ethnologue]]
* [ Our Languages: Dene] (Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre)
** [ terms/phrases] (lesh sheean-choadanyn)
== Lioaryn ==
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[[gl:Lingua chipewyan]]
[[qu:Dene Suline simi]]
[[ru:Дене (язык)Чипевиан]]