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Ta '''Queiggey Ulley''' ny '''Ullee''' ([[Baarle]]: ''The Province of Ulster or Ulster'', [[Yernish]]: ''Cúige Uladh'' ny ''Ulaidh'', [[Baarle Albinagh Ultagh]]: ''The stewartrie o Ulstèr or Ulstèr'') nane jeh ny [[Queiggaghyn Nerin|queiggaghyn Yernagh]]. Ta'n queiggey jeant seose jeh nuy coondaeghyn: ta [[Coontae Aontrym|Aontrym]], [[Coontae Ard Maghey|Ard Maghey]], [[Çheer Eoin]], [[Coontae Ghoirrey|Doirrey]], [[Coontae yn Doon|yn Doon]] as [[Coontae 'er Managh|Fer Managh]] ayns [[Nerin Hwoaie]]; as ta'n [[Coontae yn Chavan|yn Cavan]], [[Coontae Ghoon ny Ghoal|Doon ny Ghoal]] as [[Coontae Vuinaghan|Muinaghan]] ayns [[Pobblaght Nerin]]. She [[Beeal Feirshtey]] yn balley smoo 'syn ard lesh 579,554 dy leih.