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See the heavily-used [[Template:Cite web]] for an example of detailed template documentation. Note that the template itself is protected, but the documentation subpage, [[Template:Cite web/doc]] is unprotected and can still be edited.
==/sandboxkishteygeinnee andas /testcasesprowaltys==
Roish my nee oo caghlaa clowan ennagh, as ymmyd mooar jeant jeh, foddee dy vel eh ny eie mie coip jeh'n choad y yannoo, as eshyn y chur stiagh ayns "kishtey geinnee" ennagh. Ta shiartanse dy chlowanyn bentyn rish thousaneyn dy ghuillagyn, as by vie lhien shaghney doilleeidyn erbee. My vees oo croo fo-ghuillag "'''.../kishteygeinnee'''" as "'''.../prowaltys'''" ec clowan, bee kishtey docamadys y chlowan hene-chronnaghey shen, as bee kianglaghyn da ny duillagyn shen ry-akin er y duillag. Jeeagh er [[Wikipedia:Cooishyn prowaltys clowan]] son ny smoo fys.
Before doing changes to a template it can be good to first copy the template code to a sandbox and run some testcases, since the template might be visible on thousands of pages. If you create subpages named exactly "'''/sandbox'''" and "'''/testcases'''" to a template then the green {{tlc|documentation}} box on the template auto-detects this and will show links to those pages in its header. See [[Wikipedia:Template test cases]] for more information.
==Ymmodee clowanyn, un duillag docamadys==
==Several templates, one documentation page==
Traa ta ymmodee clowanyn co-obbraghey, ny t'ad feer chasley rish y cheilley, bee eh ny sassey un duillag docamadys y chur orroo, ny keayrtyn. Yn aght sassey shen y yannoo, shen croo lane ghuillag docamadys ec un 'er jeu, as eisht "aastiurey bog" y chur er ny fir elley. Dy ghra myr shen, cur duillagyn feer veg oc, as adsyn kiangley da'n lane ghuillag docamadys.
When several templates work together or are very similar then it is often clearer and easier to maintain one single documentation page that documents them together. The simplest way to do this is to make a full documentation page at one of the templates, and then make "soft redirects" from the other templates. That is, to make very short documentation pages at the other templates that have only one or two sentences that states where the full documentation can be found and link to it. See for instance {{tl|wrap}}.
==Stub templatesSheelyn==
Ta clowanyn sheel mastey clowanyn goan nagh vel docamadys oc, son y chooid smoo. Foddee shin cur un duillag docamadys oc, er y fa dy vel ad gollrish y cheilley. Agh t'ad kianglt rish [[WP:SHEEL]], as ta'n fys echey goaill stiagh ny beagh er duillag docamadys dy cadjin.
Stub templates are one of the very rare forms of template which do not generally have documentation. As all stub templates operate in identical ways, they could theoretically be linked to one documentation page giving instruction for their use. This is, however, regarded as superfluous, since all stub templates already contain a link to [[WP:STUB]], which more thoroughly covers all the information that would normally be covered by a documentation page.
==SeeJeeagh alsoer reesht==
* {{tl|Docamadys}} – T'eh goaill stiagh docamadys er duillag y chlowan, as kianglaghyn ta lhiggey dhty jeeagh er, reaghey eh, as jeeagh er y çhennaghys echey
* {{tl|Documentation}} – Transcludes the documentation on the template page, and provides documentation view, edit and history links
* {{tl|DocumentationFo-ghuillag subpagedocamadys}} – ExplainsT'eh thatsoilshaghey whatmagh followsdy isnee documentationdocamadys ta heese, andas linkskiangley torish they documentedchlowan pagehene
* [[m:Help:Templates#Noinclude, includeonly, and onlyinclude|<TT>&lt;noinclude&gt;</TT> and <TT>&lt;includeonly&gt;</TT>]]
* [[Wikipedia:High-riskClowanyn templatesgaueagh]]
* [[Wikipedia:TemplateCooishyn testprowaltys casesclowan]]
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