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Ta docamadys clowanyn soilshaghey magh corrym y chlowan as yn ymmyd jeh. Lhisagh eh ve aashagh dy liooar dy nod ymmydeyr gyn monney fys er co-ordrail clowanyn (goaill stiagh ymmodee ymmydeyryn oayllagh nagh vel gobbraghey orroo) jannoo ymmyd kiart jeh. Ta shen scanshoil er lhen bentyn rish clowanyn as ymmyd mooar jeant jeu.
==Ny lhisagh oo cur stiagh==
==What to include==
Lhisagh docadamys clowanyn goaill stiagh:
Template documentation should cover:
* Ymmyd bunneydagh y chlowan: ny t'eh currit da, as mannagh vel shen ry-hoiggal dy baghtal, cre'n fa dy vel oo son jannoo eh. My ta clowanyn elley as enmny casley rish oc, ny deanyn casley rish oc, by ymmydoil eh shen y ghra, son dy haghney sleih mestey ad.
* The '''basic purpose''' of the template: what it does and if it is not immediately obvious, why it needs to be done. If there are other templates with similar names or purposes, it's a good idea to mention those, in order to reduce the chance of the wrong one being used.
* '''[[Cooney:Clowan:Parameteryn|Parameteryn]]''' y chlowan. Vel earrooyn oc, ny enmyn? Vel ad reihyssagh? Vel freggyrtyn gyn smooinaght oc, as cre adsyn, as c'red t'ad jannoo? My ta rheam jeorit oc (myr sampleyr, cha nod oo cur stiagh agh "yes", "no" ny earroo ennagh) soilshaghey magh shen.
* The '''[[Help:Templates#Parameters|parameters]]''' of the template: whether they are numbered, named or optional, and if so, what the default values are and what effect they have. If a parameter can take only a limited set of values or is constrained in any way, for example, if it can only use: “yes”, “no” or a number, this should be clearly explained.
* '''UsageSampleyryn examplesymmyd''': specifysoilshaghey themagh exacty wikitext thathene shouldlhisagh beoo usedjannoo andymmyd thejeh, resultas thatyn it produceseiyrtys. The wikitextFoddee canoo becur enclosedwikitext inayns acummeydane {{nowrap|<code><nowiki><code>…</code></nowiki></code>}} container, toson makedy itbeagh cleareh andaashagh <code>easylhaih eh toas copyjannoo coip jeh, like<code>myr thisshoh</code>. If theMy templateta canymmodee beaghtyn useddy inyannoo severalymmyd differentjeh'n ways,chlowan with(myr orsampleyr, withoutgyn optionalny parameters,lesh forparameteryn example, providereihyssagh) acur rangestiagh ofymmodee examplessampleyryn. A goodFoddee wayoo tocur dostiagh soy ischlowan tohene transclude'sy the template itself into the documentation a few times (i.e.docamadys, use live examples), with different parameters each timeas andparameteryn listanchasley therish parametersy usedcheilley inoc eachdagh casekeayrt.
* '''Clowanyn bentyn rish''': my ta straih dy chlowanyn ayn, cur stiagh kianglaghey eddyr oc. Foddee oo jannoo ymmyd jeh clowan stiureydys son shen.
* '''Related templates''': if the template is one of a series of templates, include links to these – in particular, ensure that every template in the series is linked from each of the others, as this makes navigation easier. (A separate navigation template may be useful for this purpose, see: [[Template:Protection templates]]).
* '''[[Wikipedia:CategorizationRonney|CategoriesRonnaghyn]]''' andas '''[[Wikipedia:InterWikimediaKianglaghyn linkseddyrwiki|InterWikimediakianglaghyn linkseddyrwiki]]''', wheremy applicableta feme ayn. Like theMyr y docamadys documentationhene, theselhisagh mustoo becur withinad afo cummeydane {{nowrap|<code><nowiki>&lt;noinclude>…&lt;/noinclude></nowiki></code>}} container. Many templateTa categoriesymmodee areronnaghyn available,clowanyn see:ayn; jeeagh er [[:CategoryRonney:WikipediaClowanyn templatesWikipedia]] toson dy 'emblal ad. My t'ou cur Gaelg er clowan jeh Wikipedia elley, jeeagh er ronnaghyn browsey throughchlowan thembunneydagh.
Dy mennick, ta shin cur docamadys ayns [[Wikipedia:Fo-ghuillagyn|fo-ghuillag]] y chlowan hene, as [[Wikipedia:Goaill stiagh|goaill stiagh]] eh ec jerrey y duillag clowan hene. Ta shen eddyrscarrey coad y chlowan jeh'n docamadys, as myr shen t'eh ny sassey y docamadys y reaghey. T'eh lhiggey dooin y clowan hene y choadey myrgeddin, gyn lhiettal sleih jeh reaghey y docamadys.
Template documentation is often placed in a [[Wikipedia:Subpages|subpage]] of the template itself, which is then [[Wikipedia:Transclusion|transcluded]] at the end of the template page. This separates the often complex template code from the documentation, making the documentation easier to edit. It also allows templates to be [[Wikipedia:Protection policy|protected]] where necessary, while allowing anyone to edit the documentation. This method is sometimes referred to as the “template doc page pattern”.
Documentation of any sort on a template page should always be enclosed by a {{nowrap|<code><nowiki>&lt;noinclude>…&lt;/noinclude></nowiki></code>}} container, so that it does not show up when the template is used on another page. Text on the template page itself adds to the amount of text which must be processed when displaying the template, which is [[Wikipedia:Template limits|limited]] for performance reasons. Placing the documentation in a subpage avoids this (MediaWiki developers have <span class="plainlinks">[http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Village_pump_(technical)&diff=prev&oldid=69888944 recommended]</span> it for this reason).