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(Duillag noa)
Ta [[Cooney:Clowan|clowanyn]] nyn dro lajer [[MediaWiki|VediaWiki]], agh s'doillee eh ad y hoiggal ny keayrtyn. Ta clowanyn crampit doillee eer da ymmydeyryn oayllagh roo. Myr shen, lhisagh oo cur '''[[docamadys]]''' orroo son dy hoilshaghey magh ad.
[[Help:Template|Templates]] are a very powerful feature of [[MediaWiki]], but can be confusing to new users and even experienced users can have difficulty making sense of the more complex ones. Templates should therefore be accompanied by '''[[documentation]]''' to improve usability.
Ta docamadys clowanyn soilshaghey magh corrym y chlowan as yn ymmyd jeh. Lhisagh eh ve aashagh dy liooar dy nod ymmydeyr gyn monney fys er co-ordrail clowanyn (goaill stiagh ymmodee ymmydeyryn oayllagh nagh vel gobbraghey orroo) jannoo ymmyd kiart jeh. Ta shen scanshoil er lhen bentyn rish clowanyn as ymmyd mooar jeant jeu.
Template documentation should explain what a template does and how to use it. It should be simple enough that a user without complete knowledge of the intricacies of template syntax – which includes many experienced contributors who focus their attention elsewhere – can use it correctly. This is especially true in the case of very widely-used templates.
==What to include==