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See [[#Variation in Manx]]
==Notes about categories==
If you create an article that corresponds to one on the English Wikipedia, translate the English categories into Manx and add them to the article. Although there are not many articles here at the moment, more are always being added. It will be easier to choose categories for articles if the categories already exist. For example, if you write an article on ''John Doe (politickeyr Manninagh)'', put the article in the cateogiries<nowiki>[[Ronney:Ruggyryn 'sy vlein xxxx]] (births in the year xxxx), [[Ronney:Baaseyn 'sy vlein xxxx]] (deaths in the year xxxx), [[Ronney:Olteynyn y Chiare as Feed]] (members of the House of Keys), [[Ronney:Sleih ass Doolish]] (people from Douglas)</nowiki> and so on. There are many kinds of politician in the Isle of Man, and therefore it's best to put the articles in the right categories, and it's easier to find the articles. See the following category tree:
[[Ronney:Sleih]]</nowiki><br />
:→ <nowiki>[[Ronney:Sleih rere keird]]</nowiki><br />
::→ <nowiki>[[Ronney:Politickeyryn]]</nowiki><br />
:::→ <nowiki>[[Ronney:Politickeyryn rere çheer]]</nowiki><br />
::::→ <nowiki>[[Ronney:Politickeyryn Manninagh]]</nowiki><br />
:::::→ <nowiki>[[Ronney:Kiannoortyn Vannin]]</nowiki><br />
:::::→ <nowiki>[[Ronney:Olteynyn y Chiare as Feed]]</nowiki><br />
:::::→ <nowiki>[[Ronney:Olteynyn y Choonseil Slattyssagh]]</nowiki><br />
::::::→ <nowiki>[[Juan Turner]]</nowiki>
If the article is not available on the English Wikipedia, look at similar articles and put the article in similar categories.
If you want to the article to display alphabetically in the category, there are two options:
To display "John Doe" by surname, you can use the form:
# <nowiki>{{DEFAULTSORT:Doe, John}}</nowiki><br/><nowiki>[[Ronney:Ruggyryn 'sy vlein xxxx]]</nowiki>, and put the categories under this DEFAULTSORT.
or add an extra bit to the category itself:
# <nowiki>[[Ronney:Ruggyryn 'sy vlein xxxx|Doe, John]]</nowiki>
Note that '''ç''' is not a separate letter in Manx, but a form of the letter '''c'''. On Wikipedia, '''ç''' doesn't appear next to '''c''' in alphabetical lists. This means articles beginning with '''c''' will appear at the end of the alphabet. If the name of the article begins with '''ç''', do the following:
:For the article ''Çhengey''<br />
:Add the article to categories like this:<br />
<nowiki>[[Ronney:xxxx|Chengey]]</nowiki> or <nowiki>{{DEFAULTSORT:Chengey}} [[Ronney:xxxx]]</nowiki>
==Notes about templates==