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(Lhieggan Baarle)
It is useful for giving information to others about your activities on Wikipedia, your interests and areas of expertise, and your mastery of various languages. This information can be used by people wanting help to correct, improve or translate articles. You can also use it for lists of planned projects, notes relating to articles or plans, translation notes, links to your favourite articles or useful sites, and other things for your own use. You can include information on your views regarding Wikipedia and its policies. You could add notes to tell other users that you are unable to edit for a while, or other useful information. If you work on several different Wikipedias, it is very useful to add a link to your pages on the other Wikipedias, or to the talk page you check most often, in case people want to contact you.
Some users like to display relevant information by using templates, such as the [[Clowan:Babel|Babel]] template, which was designed for listing your known languages. These are known as ''userboxes'' or ''kishtaghyn ymmydeyr''. The Manx templates ([[Clowan:User gv-0]] and versions up to gv-5) are particularly useful.
You can create subpages of your user page in the same way as any other pages. These are also considered part of your user page. You might use these for testing new pages or templates, or collecting large amounts of information (for example, a complete list of your interests and expertise).