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[[Image:Isle_of_Man_map_of_roads.png|thumb|right|Raaidyn ayns Mannin.]]
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Shoh rolley dagh ooilley raad ayns [[Mannin]].
== Raaidyn "A" ==
* [[A1 (raad Vannin)|A1]] [[Doolish]] gys [[Purt ny h-Inshey]]
* [[A2 (raad Vannin)|A2]] [[Doolish]] gys [[Rhumsaa]]
* [[A3 (raad Vannin)|A3]] [[Balley Chashtal]] gys [[Rhumsaa]]
* [[A4 (raad Vannin)|A4]] [[Purt ny h-Inshey]] gys [[Skyll Maayl]]
* [[A5 (raad Vannin)|A5]] [[Doolish]] gys [[Purt Çhiarn]]
* [[A6 (raad Vannin)|A6]]
* [[A7 (raad Vannin)|A7]] [[Balley Sallagh]] gys [[Purt Çhiarn]]
* [[A8 (raad Vannin)|A8]]
* [[A9 (raad Vannin)|A9]] [[Rhumsaa gys]] [[Skyll Andreas]]
* [[A10 (raad Vannin)|A10]] [[Balley ny Loghey]] gys [[Rhumsaa]] - Raad y Choose
* [[A11 (raad Vannin)|A11]] Raad y Ree Edard
* [[A12 (raad Vannin)|A12]] [[Camys y Ree]] / [[Balley Chashtal]] / ''Balthane''
* [[A13 (raad Vannin)|A13]] [[Rhumsaa]] gys [[Jorby]]
* [[A14 (raad Vannin)|A14]] [[Jorby]] gys [[Sulby]]
* [[A15 (raad Vannin)|A15]] Raad [[Skyll Maghal]]
* [[A16 (raad Vannin)|A16]] [[Skylley Vreeshey]] gys [[Kione ny hAyrey]]
* [[A17 (raad Vannin)|A17]] [[Skylley Vreeshey]] gys [[Skyll Andreas]]
* [[A18 (raad Vannin)|A18]] [[Raad Sniaul]]
* [[A20 (raad Vannin)|A20]]
* [[A22 (raad Vannin)|A22]] [[Doolish]] gys [[Mwyllin Doo Aah]]
* [[A23 (raad Vannin)|A23]]
* [[A24 (raad Vannin)|A24]] [[Forsdal]] gys [[Doolish]]
* [[A25 (raad Vannin)|A25]] Shenn-raad [[Balley Chashtal]]
* [[A26 (raad Vannin)|A26]]
* [[A27 (raad Vannin)|A27]]
* [[A28 (raad Vannin)|A28]]
* [[A30 (raad Vannin)|A30]] [[Skyll Pherick]] gys [[Balley Keeill Eoin]]
* [[A31 (raad Vannin)|A31]] Raad y [[Yn Keyllys|Cheyllys]]
* [[A32 (raad Vannin)|A32]] [[Purt Çhiarn]] gys [[Balley Sallagh]]
* [[A34 (raad Vannin)|A34]]
* [[A36 (raad Vannin)|A36]]
* [[A37 (raad Vannin)|A37]]
* [[A38 (raad Vannin)|A38]]
* [[A40 (raad Vannin)|A40]] Raad-chiangley eddyr ny raaidyn A1 as A3
== Raaidyn "B" ==
* [[B3 (raad Vannin)|B3]] Kerroo Mooar dys Jorby
* [[B4 (raad Vannin)|B4]]
* [[B5 (raad Vannin)|B5]]
* [[B6 (raad Vannin)|B6]]
* [[B7 (raad Vannin)|B7]]
* [[B8 (raad Vannin)|B8]]
* [[B9 (raad Vannin)|B9]]
* [[B10 (raad Vannin)|B10]] Raad Çhibbyr Slieau Maggle / Beinn y Phott
* [[B11 (raad Vannin)|B11]]
* [[B12 (raad Vannin)|B12]]
* [[B13 (raad Vannin)|B13]]
* [[B14 (raad Vannin)|B14]]
* [[B19 (raad Vannin)|B19]]
* [[B20 (raad Vannin)|B20]]
* [[B21 (raad Vannin)|B21]] Raad Boayldyn Hiar
* [[B22 (raad Vannin)|B22]]
* [[B23 (raad Vannin)|B23]]
* [[B24 (raad Vannin)|B24]]
* [[B25 (raad Vannin)|B25]]
* [[B26 (raad Vannin)|B26]]
* [[B29 (raad Vannin)|B29]]
* [[B30 (raad Vannin)|B30]]
* [[B32 (raad Vannin)|B32]]
* [[B33 (raad Vannin)|B33]]
* [[B35 (raad Vannin)|B35]]
* [[B36 (raad Vannin)|B36]]
* [[B37 (raad Vannin)|B37]]
* [[B38 (raad Vannin)|B38]]
* [[B39 (raad Vannin)|B39]]
* [[B40 (raad Vannin)|B40]]
* [[B41 (raad Vannin)|B41]]
* [[B42 (raad Vannin)|B42]]
* [[B43 (raad Vannin)|B43]] Raad Balley Gawne
* [[B44 (raad Vannin)|B44]]
* [[B45 (raad Vannin)|B45]] Raad Slieau Gawne
* [[B50 (raad Vannin)|B50]]
* [[B52 (raad Vannin)|B52]]
== Raaidyn "C" ==
* [[C3 (raad Vannin)|C3]] Raad Dronnagh
* [[C4 (raad Vannin)|C4]] Bayr Balley Leigh
* [[C5 (raad Vannin)|C5]]
* [[C6 (raad Vannin)|C6]]
* [[C7 (raad Vannin)|C7]] Bayr y Rheynn Doo
* [[C8 (raad Vannin)|C8]] Bayr Garee
* [[C9 (raad Vannin)|C9]]
* [[C10 (raad Vannin)|C10]]
* [[C11 (raad Vannin)|C11]]
* [[C12 (raad Vannin)|C12]] Bayr Vannishter Rosien
* [[C13 (raad Vannin)|C13]]
* [[C14 (raad Vannin)|C14]]
* [[C15 (raad Vannin)|C15]]
* [[C16 (raad Vannin)|C16]] Bayr Cronk y Tinvaal
* [[C17 (raad Vannin)|C17]]
* [[C19 (raad Vannin)|C19]]
* [[C20 (raad Vannin)|C20]]
* ...
* [[C33 (raad Vannin)|C33]]
* [[C34 (raad Vannin)|C34]]
== Raaidyn "D" ==
* [[D31 (raad Vannin)|D31]]
* [[D48 (raad Vannin)|D48]] Raad yn Arbyl, Delbee
== Jeeagh er neesht ==
* [[Ymmerkey ayns Mannin]]
== Kianglaghyn mooie ==
* [http://www.gov.im/highways Rheynn Arraghey]
* [http://www.gov.im/infocentre/News.aspx?go=yes&searchText=Road&DepartmentID=41&newsTypeID=3&DateRange=all&startdate_Day=24&startdate_Month=5&startdate_Year=2006&enddate_Day=24&enddate_Month=5&enddate_Year=2020 Rheynn Arraghey - Naight]
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[[Ronney:Rollaghyn raaidyn|Vannin]]
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