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| sorçh_aarheynn2 = [[Ardjyn aachaptanys ny h-Albey|Ard aachaptanys]]
| ennym_aarheynn2 = [[Feevey]]
| sorçh_aarheynn3 = [[Aarheynnyn_ny_hAarheynnyn ny h-Albey#Ardjyn_CoonseilaghArdjyn Coonseilagh|Ard coonseilagh]]
| ennym_aarheynn3 = [[Feevey]]
| slane_earroo_yn_phobble = 16680
| earroo_yn_phobble_er = Ooley 2008
| fo-noteyn_earroo_yn_phobble = <ref name="Population Estimate">{{cite web |url=http://www.gro-scotland.gov.uk/files2/stats/population-estimates/08mye-localities-table2.xls |title=Mid-2008 Population Estimates &ndash; Localities in order of size |publisher=General Register Office for Scotland |year=2008 |accessdate=2010-09-08}}</ref>
| cryss_hraa = [[Traa Mean Ghreenwich|GMT]]
| ashchur_utc = +0
[[br:Cill Rìmhinn]]
[[ca:Saint Andrews]]
[[cs:St. Andrews]]
[[da:St Andrews]]
[[de:St Andrews]]