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{{Kishtey fys coondaeghynboayl Nerin
|ennym = Coontae Ard Maghey
|ennym gienneydagh = Ard Maghey
|baarle = County Armagh
|yernish = Contae Ard Mhacha
|baarle albinagh =
|jarroo-raa =
|jalloo cowreyarmys = Cullee Choontae Ard Maghey.png
|jalloo caslys = NorthernIrelandArmaghIsland of Ireland location map Armagh.pngsvg
|mooadyscaslys = 200px
|eaghtyr = 1,254 km²
|notey eaghtyr = ([[Rolley coondaeghyn Nerin rere eaghtyr|28oo]])
|balley counteecoontae = [[Ard Maghey]]
|co-heiyderys UO = [[Nerin Hwoaie (co-heiyderys Pharlamaid ny h-Oarpey)|Nerin Hwoaie]]
|coad =
|earroopobbyl yn phobble = 159,085
|notey pobbyl = ([[Rolley coondaeghyn Nerin rere earroo yn phobble|14oo]])
|bleinbl coontey -pobble = 2001ool.
|queiggey = [[Ullee]]
|wwwqueiggey = [[Queiggey = Ulley]]
|ynnyd-eggey =
She [[Coontae|countee]] ayns [[Nerin Hwoaie]] eh '''Ard Maghey''' ny '''Coontae Ard Maghey'''. Ta'n countee soit ayns [[Ullee]], nane jeh ny queiggaghyn Yernagh. She [[Ard Maghey]] yn [[preeu-valley]].