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===Early history===
[[Image:Dama de Elche.jpg|thumb|left|180px|[[Lady of Elche]] made by the iberians]]People have lived in Spain for a long time. There were people living there at least in the [[Bronze Age]]. The first references to Spain are in The [[Bible]]. Some of the first people to live there were [[Iberian]]s and [[Celt]]s, and the Phoenicians made a few cities there to get [[tin]] and [[silver]] for the Near East. Later, the [[Roman Empire]] controlled Spain for about five hundred years; then as the Roman Empire broke up, groups of [[Germanic people]] moved into Spain and took it over.
===Muslim Spain===
In the 700s, [[Arabic]] people took over, and later groups from [[North Africa]], called the [[Moors]], controlled Spain for eight hundred years. They were [[Muslim]]s, and [[Muslim Spain]] was the farthest western point of [[Islamic civilization]]. This civilization was quite advanced at [[architecture]] and [[urban planning]]. The Moors were also quite wealthy because they controlled the [[gold]] trade from the [[Ghana Empire]] in West [[Africa]]. They built many beautiful buildings, especially in the south of the country, a place called [[Andalusia]]. You can see many of their buildings still standing in cities in Andalusia, such as [[Seville]], [[Granada]], and [[Cordoba]].
Muslim Spain was [[multicultural]] and [[tolerant]] with [[Jew]]s, [[Christian]]s and Muslims living in peace side by side. It was focused on [[learning]] - the greatest [[library]] system outside [[Baghdad]] was also there.
The Christian kingdoms that were still in the North of Spain decided to fight to take the rest Spain again from the Muslims. They fought wars for many hundreds of years, and slowly pushed the border farther south.
In the year 1492, they took the last part of Spain that still belonged to the Moors. [[Boabdil]], the last Moorish Prince of [[Granada]], gave the keys to King [[Ferdinand II of Aragon]] on 2 January 1492. It was Ferdinand who now ruled all of Spain.
Before this, there were a number of Christian countries in what is now called Spain. Two of these countries, [[Castile]] and [[Aragon]], came together when Ferdinand II of Aragon married the queen [[Isabella of Castile]].
[[Image:Mosque Cordoba.jpg|thumb|left|200px||Inside of the [[Mezquita]] in [[Cordoba|Cรณrdoba]], a Muslim [[mosque]] which became a Christian [[cathedral]].]]
In the same year, 1492, they sent [[Christopher Columbus]] to sail across the [[Atlantic Ocean]]. Columbus found the islands of the [[Caribbean Sea]].
When other European sailors explored more, they found out that there were two [[continent]]s there - [[North America]] and [[South America]]. Spain sent many soldiers and businessmen to North and South America, and they took over very large parts of those two continents. Owning this [[empire]] and taking everything valuable back to Spain made it a very rich country.
Meanwhile, at home, the Muslim manuscripts had been either burnt or taken to other countries. Jews had also been expelled from Spain. Among the few things kept and respected in Spain were in [[music]]: [[harmony]] and [[stringed instrument]]s. The buildings that had been built by the Moors were kept, and many Muslim religious buildings ([[mosque]]s) were turned into churches by adding crosses.
===Yn hoghtoo eash jeig===
Ayns yn hoghtoo eash jeig haink ayrnyn dy yn impiraght dy ve steatyn, ny va'ad goit rish รงhengaghyn noa, lheid as [[ny Steatyn Unnaneyssit]].