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Va '''Michael Joseph Jackson''' ([[29 Luanistyn]], [[1958]] - [[25 Mean Souree]], [[2009]]) ny eunyseyr, arraneyder, chiaulleyder, as ghelleyder [[SUA|Americaanagh]]. Haink enney er tra v'eh 11 bleeaney d'eash as eh ny chooid jeh'n vann kynnee [[The Jackson 5]]. Hoshee yn coorse echey ny lomarcan 'sy vlein 1971 as eh foast ny oltey jeh'n vann. Ayns ny bleeantyn ny yei shen, hooar eh yn ennym "Ree ny Pop-chiaull". V'ad ''[[Off the Wall (albym)|Off the Wall]]'' (1979), ''[[Thriller (albym)|Thriller]]'' (1982), ''[[Bad (albym)|Bad]]'' (1987), ''[[Dangerous (albym)|Dangerous]]'' (1991), as ''[[HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I|HIStory]]'' (1995) ny preeu-albymyn echey. Hooar Jackson baase er 25 Mean Souree, 2009.
== Albymyn ==